June 29, 2022
Wu Man Summer 2022 News
Kuandi Studio

Dear Friends,
Summer for me means music festivals and there is something so special about touring beautiful spaces and playing under starry skies. Twenty-four years ago, the very first workshops were held at the Tanglewood festival for what would grow into the Silkroad Ensemble. I still remember the incredible excitement I felt being part of an international group of musicians as something that Yo-Yo Ma and I had only talked about became a reality. I am so very happy to be back on tour in July with today's Silkroad Ensemble and our Artistic Director Rhiannon Giddens to perform the "Phoenix Rising" program, including a return to Tanglewood where it all began! The "Phoenix Rising" program is one of several this summer in which I will be premiering new works, ensuring that the summertime spirit of innovation and collaboration continues. I hope to see you along the way!
Warm wishes,
Wu Man, 吴蛮




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