April 5, 2022
Wu Man Newsletter Spring 2022
Stephen Kahn

Dear Friends,

I often feel like spring is the season of the pipa! A traditional piece of music that I frequently perform is "White Snow in Sunny Spring" celebrating the return of blossom flowers to the trees. It always reminds me of vibrant Chinese paintings and the beauty of nature. This spring I will be making some returns of my own, rejoining close musical friends the Kronos Quartet in San Francisco for the Kronos Festival this week and returning to Carnegie Hall to perform the New York premiere of Osvaldo Golijov's Falling Out of Time in May. I will also be traveling to Germany for an artist residency with the Bochum Symphony Orchestra. Although it is a dark time for many in the world, I hope spring brings you hope, light, beauty, friendship, and—as always—music.

Warm wishes,

Wu Man, 吴蛮



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