August 6, 2021
Announcement on behalf of Michael Tilson Thomas

After a series of tests, Michael Tilson Thomas was diagnosed with a brain tumor that required an immediate operation. The operation at the UCSF Medical Center was successful. He is now embarking on a course of therapy for the next several months which necessitates curtailing his public appearances through the end of October. MTT is being cared for by the excellent team at UCSF who are continuing to explore all possible options for treatment.

“I deeply regret missing projects that I was greatly anticipating,” said Tilson Thomas. “I look forward to seeing everyone again in November.”

Previously scheduled engagements from which Tilson Thomas is withdrawing are performances with the National Symphony Orchestra for the Kennedy Center’s 50th Anniversary, the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, the New World Symphony, and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Press contact:
Constance Shuman | Shuman Associates | (917) 716-5403

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