April 19, 2021
James Conlon's TEDxBeaconStreet talk, "Resurrecting Forbidden Music," now available on YouTube

Click here or above to watch the video.

In this ten-minute presentation for TEDxBeaconStreet, conductor James Conlon sheds light on a rich musical heritage that was systematically repressed by the Nazi regime, whose racist, genocidal goal was not only to destroy the Jewish population, but also to stifle its cultural voice forever. Mr. Conlon introduces the viewer to this troubling but fascinating story, shows how its effects are still with us today, and describes his personal journey that started with a chance discovery on the radio and developed into a decades-long mission to bring this repertoire to the public's consciousness.

After watching, viewers with access to Spotify may immerse themselves in this repertoire by tuning into a wide-ranging playlist specially curated by Mr. Conlon. Click here or below to listen:

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